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‘Peace is your life’


Truly listening to the messages of the body and mind comes through relaxation and meditation. Being guided into relaxation and meditation allows the body to be deeply rested and release tensions from the body to a natural state of tranquillity, touching into our innate being filled with kindness and compassion.


Many of us lead busy lives fulfilling a wide range of roles and duties which may bring with them multiple demands on the body, intellect and emotions. For others the impact of a change in role or mental or physical ill health has led to a sense of isolation from daily life and society. Yet within everyone there remains a desire to access and feel peace within the body and mind.


Perhaps you find the mind and body continually stimulated to meet and manage the competing demands made of them whether it is to fulfil a particular role or to maintain physical and mental wellbeing.


Stopping to catch a breath and take time, the body and mind are enabled to contemplate and experience a sense of physical ease and calmness of being. By coming together with others, whether in a class or small group, sharing in gentle movement and essence of quiet, you can avail yourself of the opportunity to restore your body and mind.


Focussing on the breath we explore practices to ease the breathing from the requirements of the everyday and draw upon it to nurture and support flowing movement that is kind to the body and mind.


Each movement is characterised by relaxed effort, moving through a range of postures in mindful practice. In each posture sensing and feeling into each and every part of the body to begin to truly understand the body.



About Me

I have been a student of yoga for over a decade, studying with inspiring teachers in Oxford and around the world, most recently spending time in India to immerse totally in the experience of yoga.


Delving into my own meditation practice has taken me into a wide range of conflicting emotions, including; love, anger, frustration and deep joy. In doing so I have gained a greater understanding of my own motivation.


I believe that by taking time to focus on breathing and gentle mindful movement we can be taken to a state of peace and tranquillity.  We can all come to this state, by moving through the body, bringing the mind to truly sense and feel the way to a unique place of peace, freeing you to find a way to your own sense of serenity.


My focus is to support those who seek to gain an understanding of the body and the messages it wishes to share.






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